Temple Grandin Quotes In English

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Temple Grandin Quotes In English

Hello, Welcome in a collection of quotes by Temple Grandin on autism, Asperger, animals, humanity, life, disabilities, spiritual, society, psychology, morality, cruelty and heroism. Our team gives you some quotes about Temple Grandin. He was born on 29 August 1947 (age 72 years), Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Mary Temple Grandin is a prominent proponent for the humane treatment of livestock for slaughter and author of more than 60 scientific papers on animal behavior. She is a consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior, and an autism spokesperson.

  • “I am different, not less.”

  • “My mind can always separate the two. Even when I am very upset, I keep reviewing the facts over and over until I can come to a logical conclusion.”

  • “There’s a saying in engineering: You can build things cheap, fast, or right, but not all three.”

  • “Neither living nor learning was good without order.”

  • “[T]he only place on earth where immortality is provided is in libraries. This is the collective memory of humanity.”

  • Temple Grandin Quotes In English

  • “I replaced emotional complexity with visual and intellectual complexity. I questioned everything and looked to logic, science, and intellect for answers.”

  • “The worst thing you can do is nothing. (re: teaching children with autism)”

  • “Kanner had cause and effect backward. The child wasn’t behaving in a psychically isolated or physically destructive manner because the parents were emotionally distant. Instead, the”

  • “You simply cannot tell other people they are stupid, even if they really are stupid.”

  • “There’s a point where anecdotal evidence becomes truth”

  • Temple Grandin Quotes In English

  • “What would happen if the autism gene was eliminated from the gene pool? You would have a bunch of people standing around in a cave, chatting and socializing and not getting anything done.”

  • “In a noisy place I can’t understand speech, because I cannot screen out the background noise.”

  • “Nature is cruel, but we don’t have to be.”

  • “I get great satisfaction out of doing clever things with my mind, but I don’t know what it is like to feel rapturous joy.”

  • “I believe there is a reason such as autism, severe manic-depression, and schizophrenia remain in our gene pool even though there is much suffering as a result.”

  • Temple Grandin Quotes In English

  • “Sometimes you have to go outside your field of study to find the right people.”

  • “Unfortunately, most people never observe the natural cycle of birth and death. They do not realize that for one living thing to survive, another living thing must die.”


  • “Many autistic children like to smell things, and smell may provide more reliable information about their surroundings than either vision or hearing.”

  • “The big companies are like steel and activists are like heat. Activists soften the steel, and then I can bend it into pretty grillwork and make reforms.”

  • Temple Grandin Quotes In English

  • “Bad things always happen when an animal is overselected for any single trait. Nature will give you a nasty surprise.”

  • “Animals make us Human.”

  • “Children who are visual thinkers will often be good at drawing, other arts, and building things with building toys such as Legos.”

  • “If I could snap my fingers and be nonautistic, I would not. Autism is part of what I am.”

  • “Animals like novelty if they can choose to investigate it; they fear novelty if you shove it in their faces.”

  • “I think using animals for food is an ethical thing to do, but we’ve got to do it right. We’ve got to give those animals a decent life and we’ve got to give them a painless death. We owe the animal respect.”

  • “It is human nature to strive.”

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