Shiv Khera Quotes In English

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Shiv Khera Quotes in english

Hello, Welcome in a collection of english quotes by Shiv Khera, inspiration, life, teacher, future, motivate, problems, goals, succeed, inspire, hard-work, failure, courage and happiness. Our team gives you some quotes about Shiv Khera. He was born on August 23, 1961 (age 58 years), Dhanbad, India. Shiv Khera is an Indian author of self-help books and an activist. He launched a movement against caste-based reservation in India, founded an organization called Country First Foundation, and started the Bhartiya Rashtravadi Samanta Party. He has got Education in Shri Ram College of Commerce.

  • “Have a vision. It is the ability to see the invisible. If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible.”

  • “Research has shown that it takes 31 days of conscious effort to make or break a habit. That means, if one practices something consistently for 31 days, on the 32nd day it does become a habit. Information has been internalized into behavioral change, which is called transformation.”

  • “People who wish to go into the future should have two skills to succeed – the ability to deal with people and the ability to sell.”

  • “I think it’s the person’s conviction that really carries a person.”

  • “Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.”

  • Shiv Khera Quotes In English

  • “”Under adverse conditions – some people break down, some break records.

  • “There is no substitute to hard work.”

  • “When we take care of our people problems our business problems are automatically solved.”

  • “So long as you have your eyes on the goal, you don’t see the obstacles.It is easier to make money but much tougher to make a difference.”

  • “If you think you can – you can. If you think you can not – you can not. And either way, you are right.”

  • Shiv Khera Quotes In English

  • “Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently.”

  • “Negative people will always criticize.”

  • “Where are the people who don’t have goals headed? Those 97 percent end up working for the 3 percent.”

  • “A person with a positive attitude is like a fruit for all seasons.”

  • “Ability teaches us how to do, motivation determines why we do, and attitude decides how well we do.”

  • Shiv Khera Quotes In English

  • “Ninety percent of selling is conviction, and ten percent is persuasion.”

  • “Leadership is about persuasion, presentation, and people skills.”

  • “Success is not an accident. It is the result of your attitude and your attitude is a choice. Hence success is a matter of choice and not chance.Leadership is about persuasion, presentation, and people skills.”

  • “Maintain an idea book, ideas evaporate faster than we think.”

  • “Human multitasking is the ability to do multiple things, but one at a time.”

  • Shiv Khera Quotes In English

  • “Winners see the gain; losers see the pain.”

  • “My first objective is to invest, and if I have anything spare, then I spend.”

  • “Direction is more important than speed. Many people are going nowhere fast.Human multitasking is the ability to do multiple things, but one at a time.”

  • “If we are not part of the solution, then we are the problem.”

  • “Lot of things depend on the upbringing of the child.”

  • Shiv Khera Quotes In English

  • “Be solution focused.”

  • “True character is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”

  • “Wise people prefer to benefit from constructive criticism rather than be ruined by false praise.”

  • “Motivation is like fire – unless you keep adding fuel to it, it dies. Your fuel is your belief in your inner values.”

  • “It is crucial to make the right decision at the right time.”

  • Shiv Khera Quotes In English

  • “I started life washing cars in Canada before moving on to selling life insurance and vacuum cleaners. Later, I went through a programme by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, which literally changed my life.”

  • “The difference between a great man a little man is their commitment to integrity and hard work.”

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